Newcomer, Morris, and Young

Newcomer, Morris, and Young

Who We Are

In 1988, Jimmy Young partnered with Paula Burgess to form Newcomer-Young Productions. This partnership continues to lead the way in cutting edge video production with an award winning commitment to quality. In 2005, Newcomer-Young Productions became the audio/video division of Newcomer, Morris, and Young, Inc., a multi-media advertising agency. NMY's eleven employees excel in video, print, media placement, and web.

Jimmy and the crew set a high bar for themselves, giving their customers an unrivaled finished product - a product that lives up to the standards that are always expected at Newcomer-Young Productions.

What We Offer

Our studio is 40' wide, 40' long, 24' high, and is outfitted with the latest production tech. It includes a 12' high, gray cyc wall, blue and green chroma-key walls as well as in-studio vehicle access. Call 318-325-1544 for more details.

Lighting and other equipment - teleprompters, cameras, etc. - is available a-la-carte. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Studio 2
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Why Choose Us

Let's let the work do the talking...

Arrow Dental
St. Francis
United Way

More examples of our work can be found at Newcomer, Morris, and Young

Where We Are

2905 Evangeline St. | Monroe, LA. 71201
fx. 318.325.5915